VNS-F75 Shooting Scoring System in Professional Competitions: What Should You Know?

VNS-F75 Shooting Scoring System in Professional Competitions: What Should You Know?

Meta: Every four years, excellent athletes from Asian countries gather to compete at the Asian Games. Shooting is one of the vital sports. And the VNS-F75 Shooting training system will be a tremendous support.

Getting Started

Every four years, excellent athletes from Asian countries gather to compete at the continents biggest and most prestigious sporting event, the Asian Games. Accredited by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Asian Games is the second-largest sporting event in the world after the Olympic Games.

The Asian Games dates back to 1912 when Japan, the Philippines, and China first hosted a sporting event called the Far Eastern Games. In 1913, they held the Far Eastern Games for the first time in Manila, Philippines. After that, they held the tournament regularly until 1934. However, while the Sino-Japanese war was going on, Japan insisted that the Manchu Empire be on the list of competing countries. Far Eastern Games in 1934. People dissatisfied the Chinese with this and withdrew from the Far Eastern Games. In 1938, they canceled the tournament.

With the growth of advanced technology, modern machines come to support athletes in training, especially in shooting sports. In YSMART, we offer the amazing VNS-F75 system with the level of an infantry regiment. Our price equals one-tenth of the similar products on the market but still brings efficiencies and versatility in training and Army games (tank competition, sniper, etc.)

Figure 1. - Shooting Score System - 2

Military Shooting Games Around the World

Shooting first appeared as an Olympic discipline during the first games in 1896. Like almost all disciplines, it was then reserved for men, due to Pierre de Coubertins opposition to the practice of sport by women. These were only allowed to compete in the same events as the men as in the Mexico City games in 1968, and these seven mixed events lasted until 1980. It became a partially gendered practice again from the 1984 games. The number of events in which women may participate is reduced to five (three womens events and two mixed events) while the permitted events for men are increased to eight (six mens and two mixed).

In 1992, a mixed skeet event saw Shan Zhang, a Chinese competitor, break the world record and win ahead of 5 male competitors. This will be the first and last time, since in the following games, from 1996, the practice is totally gendered: men and women compete in different events, even when the weapons used and the shooting distances are identical.

The Importance of Shooting System

Vietnam is the host country of SEA Games 31st 2021. Therefore, entering this congress, Vietnams shooting continues to set its target in the top 3 teams leading the medal table of this congress. In that context, if Vietnamese athletes know how to promote their talents and well use their advantages such as relaxed psychology, high reflex, and skillful strategies, the Vietnam shooting team has a complete chance of winning the highest position in the medal ranking.

As we know from reality for many years, the Vietnam Shooting Team and the Thai Shooting Team will win half the medals of the Congress. It means that if we play 22 subjects. We strive to win half of the medals, from 5 to 6 gold medals. With this result, we are likely to surpass Thailand.

Overcoming the achievements, the fair competition in the SEA Games taking place domestically and preparing the adjacent gunner force is the biggest goal of shooting Vietnam. So, to improve this chance, YSMART offers the VNS-F75 Shooting Score System to help Vietnamese athletes in training and testing. These ranges are going to be constructed in line with ASAAM and BSAAM

Thus, shooting Vietnam to take part in all Olympic events in the program of SEA Games 31. Besides, the subject also chooses some additional content in the competition system of the Asian Games. The organizers put into the official competition system of the SEA Games 31 instead of focusing on selecting strong content to bring about achievements.

Our athletes must prepare to improve the professional level and forge self-confidence and steadfastness when competing in international arenas. So, it brings a force of young athletes to replace veteran shooters of the Shooting team. Nationally, SEA Games 31 is a suitable playground before young ADCs aim to further aim at the Olympic and Asian Games for the coming years.

Figure 2. - Shooting Score System - 1

System Specification

The VNS-F75 system has become a benchmark of precision and robustness in Vietnam. It owes the success to the confidence that archers place in it up to the highest level. Its mechanical and technical advantages give it many qualities. The system is unbeatable in terms of value for money. It now stands out with a reworked and beautiful design, top-of-the-range model, high safety, and robustness.

The two main comes with the classic nine-inch extension model, and on the right with the Short six-inch model. The most crucial parameter required of an archers sight is precision: Zero clearance on the side change. When you click in either direction, the carriage moves immediately.

Here is the detailed specification of our system:

The system uses 12 VDC or 220 VAC power

  • Weight of the equipment is 12 kilograms, divided into two blocks
  • Working in tropical climates and all-terrain.
  • Sensor system dimension is 800 x 250 x 70 mm
  • Target machine dimension is 400 x 200 x 150 mm
  • Computer configuration: 4GB RAM; 64GB HDD
  • We also pack Windows 7 OS in military suitcases.

Target Machine Model

Target Dimension


500 x 1800




Pop up Angle


0 - 90

Pop Up/Down  Time


1 - 2

Power Suply


12 VDC / 220 VAC


LxWxH (mm)

400 x 180 x 200





Degree Celsius

-20 to +80

Sensor Beam Model

Calculation Ability

Shoots/ Minute


Accuracy in 1mx1m window


5 x 10

Vertical Angle



Horizontal Angle



Power Supply




LxWxH ( mm )

750 x 250 x 50





Degree Celcius

-20 to +80

Target Machine/ Lane


1-6 pcs

Sensor Beam / Lane


1-6 pcs

Co-Ordinator / System



Software/ System



Repeater (Optional)



Laptop with software



Advantages of VNS-F75 System

We have a play of 1/10th on the height change. It is the strong point of the most high-end sights on the world market. This feature means that to change the direction of your height trolley that will take a single catch-up click.

With excellent sustainability as on the first day, the system has excellent resistance. We have even planned to create the most effective sensor system for the VNS-F75 Shooting training system. You will find our system of catching up on the game of carriage. Neither game nor noise, it always guarantees the ultimate precision.

The construction is robust to accommodate the scopes used today. Its guidance by a double-axis in stainless steel guarantees an irreproachable hold. The square is an essential element to the quality of the sight. It is the link between the carbon extension and the purely mechanical part of the sighting instrument. We have reinforced it and equipped it with a micrometric change of the verticality:

  • We stabilize its fixing at two points, and of a neat aesthetic, the sign of a robustness inspiring confidence.
  • We embellish it with a micrometric change of the verticality, like an additional third axis, you will adjust an important parameter in all simplicity and comfort thanks to an eccentric screw hidden in the square.

The carbon extension is fully machined, plus a more sober finish with a sporty accent. With a lower ruler height than the other models in the market, they lengthen the system by one centimeter compared to the previous Short version of the SX200. This approval is important for multi-distance shots, to benefit from a wider change stroke without tarnishing the cosmetic.

The new fixing plate ensures optimal retention of the extension, its new design fits perfectly with the instrument. The aesthetic integration of the change knobs in the rear slider improves cosmetics and handling. The engraving of the ruler guarantees long-term use, the graduation is on the scale of the precision of the viewfinder.

In short, the VNS-F75 Shooting Score System mainly has the following advantages:

  • A saving in terms of space and operating costs
  • An increase in the training potential of shooters
  • Wider safety margins inside the plant
  • This is a technology that 10 countries in the world possess, applied for infantry training and testing (including armored vehicles).
  • High calculation accuracy, equivalent to or higher with brands in the world
  • Under the conditions in Vietnam and Asian countries
  • The device is simple, easy to arrange, and highly portable.
  • The price is 1/10 of the price of some suppliers in the world.
  • No other unit in the country has successfully researched.

Currently, the Vietnamese army is using the tap-to-head solution that does not allow the calculation of touchpoints to support shooting training.

Operation Method for Professions

YSMART provides a range of interactive simulators for the training and training of personnel of the Police Forces, Armed Forces, and Public Safety operators. The system, which can be modulated according to the needs and the training level to be achieved, provides a wide range of training scenarios:

  • Enabling the use of weapons
  • Decision-making skills training
  • Use of lethal and non-lethal weapons
  • Training and use of defensive and offensive tactics
  • Force-on-force shooting training

The system also provides the instructor with a whole series of tools both before, during, and after the exercise to evaluate, train, and determine the score of individual shooters. The VNS-F75 Shooting Simulation System for small arms comes to offer an alternative to the normal shooting training systems used in traditional shooting ranges.

The major possibility offered by the shooting simulator is to conduct exercises in the absence of ordinary ammunition. Our simulator provides for the operation of the weapons both with blank bullets, both in the absence of ammunition, and with a compressed air system for the simulation of the recoil. In the first two cases, the conditioning of the weapon for the simulation system does not prevent its normal use in a traditional shooting range.

Custom shapes are available for the simulation of shooting at 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, and 500 meters. The VNS-F75 Shooting Score System also introduces procedures for archiving and managing drills, to make it easier for shooters and their skills to check. The shooting simulator comprises three major blocks:

  • Laser aiming system
  • Shot detection system
  • Computerized shooting control system

The shooting simulator for small arms uses a laser beam as a target detection system. The laser emitter is mounted on the weapon and is perfectly collimated to it. The beam is activated by a sensor installed near the trigger and synchronized with the shot. The bullet shot remains active only for the time necessary for the shot detection system to locate the point of impact of the bullet on the target.

How to Optimize the System in Competition?

We can install the color CCD camera on special support or the covering structure of the stainless steel and frame the target area fixedly. Then, connect it to a video acquisition card, in the control station of the polygon. It takes care of capturing the image of the target with the point of impact of the laser beam. In a normal situation, the camera records the framed area live.

At the moment of the shot and the emission of the laser beam by the weapon, the acquisition card blocks the image of the target with the point hit by the laser. This image, processed by the peripheral unit, is sent to the control monitors.

In this way, both the shooter and the instructor are able, immediately after the shot, to identify the point of the most probable impact of the bullet. The information on the shots is then transferred to the central control unit of the system where it is stored and made available to the instructor for checks, prints, research, statistics.

For each shooting stand, in the control station, there will be a video acquisition unit and a monitor through which the manager of the range or the instructor can monitor the exercises of all shooters in proper time.

The data processing center is to collect data concerning the individual exercises and process them. The results of each exercise are automatically transferred to the central processing unit and linked to a personal archive of shooters. In this way, the search for data regarding each exercise is considerably facilitated and each instructor is also, and it allows to analyze the pdf of their students in more detail.

In particular, the software allows:

  • Automatic calculation of the number of shots in shape and the diameter of the rose got
  • Archiving of all information regarding the exercises.
  • Prints of the results in graphic and table format - Remote control and software updates directly from our office via modem.
  • Customization of all operating parameters.

The aiming system (for each shooting station) is characterized by:

  • Focusing lenses
  • Support for fixing to the firearm and collimation
  • Firing sensors
    • Connection cable of the firearm to the control station


For many years, shooting has always been one of the strong sports of the Vietnamese sports delegation at major international sports congresses. The Olympic Silver Medal and Gold Medal are proud achievements, creating a turning point for shooting in Vietnamese sports. Besides, the golden table of achievements in world-class tournaments has partly created a brand for Vietnamese shooting.

In 2021, Vietnam will focus on Olympic qualifying tournaments, along with internal tournaments to select official athletes to attend the 31st SEA Games. With the VNS-F75 Shooting Score System, the athletes will have the most efficient training equipment for both performance and speed in a shooting. 

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