Hệ thống nhận diện vị trí trúng và trượt - LOMAH

06/12/2021 07:27:22

We have an outstanding array of live-fire , laser based training and simulation systems to offer with many of our products being unique, in the world. All of them have been designed through close consultation with the end-user. As we see this as the only way to provide systems that support training for both the contemporary operating environment and for the more traditional forms of combat.

Our principal corporate effort is to produce live-fire and laser training and simulation systems. This corporate focus is in line with our company policy and, coupled with our products and dedication to quality, ensures that Vinashoot continues to provide world acclaimed service.

Military and Police

Vinashoot has invented the world’s first electronic Hit Scoring System in 2009 and has been long a leading company in the design, manufacturing and supply of Projectile Location Systems including the internationally renowned and proven LOMAH Location of Miss and Hit.

The Vinashoot LOMAH has proven to be the most accurate tool of its kind. Modular and flexible in design, it provides the right solution for every application. From static to moving targets, infantry to armor, subsonic to supersonic.


Not only is the LOMAH used to improve the precision of the shooter by displaying very accurate shot locations on the target and discriminating between lanes and calibers, the shot location calculated by the LOMAH can be used to trigger different target responses to add realism to the training.

A lethal shot could cause the target to fall, a non-lethal shot would drop the target and raise it again to retaliate or have a moving target decrease its speed after having suffered a shot to the leg. A near-miss shot may cause a moving target to increase its speed and travel in an opposite direction. Non-lethal shots can accumulate and become lethal. The possibilities are countless.

Furthermore, different scores can be applied to different target zones and Passing Standards can be defined to rank shooters. The LOMAH also provides Grouping and Zeroing capabilities to adjust sight corrections before the actual marksmanship training begins. Training results and scores can all be retrieved, processed and printed in the After Action Review.

LOMAH Technology

The LOMAH provides automatic location of misses and hits by detecting the presence of rounds passing over or about detecting sensors attached to the LOMAH device. An electronic picture of the target board is displayed on the VNS  software and the HD-75 gunner monitor along with the positions of any rounds that may have been fired at the target, whether they have hit the target or not. A supersonic projectile, once fired, continues on its trajectory towards the target generating shock waves as it travels. Provided that the trajectory passes close enough to the LOMAH sensor array for detection to occur, the shock wave generated by the projectile will excite the sensors in the LOMAH. The LOMAH records this data and sends it back to VNS software where it then computes the shot status (hit, miss, ricochet etc.) and position.  Several LOMAH products have been developed by Vinashoot over the years to address every existing training requirement. The T-Bar is a system designed for perpendicular shooting in a Marksmanship Training Range where shooters train from a fixed position at the firing line on fixed installed targets. The H-Bar was developed to accommodate tactical training on portable and moving targets where shots come from angles. A different detection technology has been developed to calculate the location of a subsonic projectile. The subsonic LOMAH is the world’s first LOMAH system that provides shot location for subsonic ammunition including 9mm using radar technology. In combination with a supersonic LOMAH such as the T-Bar or the H-Bar, it allows practicing weapon transition drills in the same session. Every LOMAH is designed to operate in the most extreme conditions of climate and is unaffected by dust and debris. The LOMAH can be programmed to operate with virtually all combinations of weapon and ammunition types.

Vinashoot Software

VNS software is based on a platform independent core that delivers speed critical functionality.

The user can easily access and control After Action Reviews, firing point displays, viewing galleries, programs and maintenance reports. Untethered portable devices allow the user ultimate a consistent display and flexibility and deliver intuitive feel that are generated from an inbuilt webserver providing highspeed interaction with the VNS core.

VNS is the next generation of our advanced range management systems. It has been developed with the end-user in mind; easy to use, easy to learn, yet still delivering the most technologically advanced range management system available on the global market today.

VNS Operating System


With our modular systems architecture you pick the functionality that suits your range. Modules can be deployed as your range grows, without the entire software suite being redeployed, allowing for future expansion with minimal risk and cost. VNS allows separately created software modules to be easily deployed and integrated into the system. VNS software is based on a platform independent core that delivers speed critical functionality. The user can easily access and control After Action Reviews, firing point displays, viewing galleries, programs and maintenance reports. Untethered portable devices allow the User ultimate flexibility and deliver a consistent display and intuitive feel that is generated from an inbuilt webserver providing high-speed interaction with the VNS core. Using secure authorization VNS allows multiple portable devices to be connected including portable tablets, smart phones and desktop systems. Range Operators are in full control of who can connect and what level of access the User requires. This allows Range Operators the ability to control the range from the firing point or the ability for firers to access their shooting results from the waiting area. In the control room, Range Operators will be able to control all aspects of the range facility from a central touch screen, regardless of the number of sub-systems deployed and controlled by VNS .

Location of Miss and Hit (LOMAH) / Projectile Location System (PLS) detection is a core capability providing instant feedback on shot performance, incorporating advanced lane discrimination and non-fixed firing point capabilities. VNS can be switched between languages instantly by use of a one-button toggle at run time without exiting your current screen. Authorized users have the ability to customise VNS by editing text strings to rename buttons and display text in multiple languages.

Advanced Technology

VNS allows for the advanced integration of emerging robotic target technology and highly advanced lateral and oblique movers. The integration of simulation systems and environmental effects is seamless with VNS . With the ability to incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into VNS , Vinashoot delivers the world’s most sophisticated full spectrum, live immersive military training environments. Vinashootis dedicated to providing soldiers unparalleled training systems to ensure success in a live operating environment. Interactive full motion 3D Action and After Action Review (AAR) viewing capability shows shot performance combined with blue force and red force positions during replay. It also allows the Range Operators to control all targetry using a traditional mouse or touch screen.