Huấn luyện bắn súng chiến thuật

The integration of portable training equipment is made easy with VNS , using a simple, user interface. Range Operators have the ability for quick placement of targetry. They can add user-defined targets, scoring zones, weapons and user programs.

The advanced range splitting capability enables multiple training exercises to take place concurrently on a single range giving the Officer in Charge (OIC) the ability to focus on a single firer while the other lanes can continue with normal practices. Range Operators should focus on what they do best, in order to do this VNS incorporates full automation of maintenance functions to enhance range serviceability and reliability. It will inform operators when equipment is coming up for service or replacement, it gives a full environmental evaluation of the range to predict when de-leading is needed or targets need replacing. Software updates can be delivered remotely with automatic backups of all range data to guarantee recovery, fault reporting and analysis, hardware analysis, database validation and logic checks and reporting.

VNS incorporates a collection of detailed data that can be aggregated into an existing reporting system to allow for further training analysis and reporting. It can also receive information from existing systems to allow for bookings, firers information and permissions for secure log on. The system can include repeatable programs and practice scenarios to reflect mandated training requirements. Training standards can easily be implemented according to the role and training level of the firer.